Saturday, September 28, 2002

Commericalizing Blogs?

via Kevin

I think this is kinda cool that MSNBC created a section on weblogs and even gave some of their on-air personalities weblogs, however, it is strange seeing a blog with advertisements in it. I guess it was just bound to happen, blogs have been gaining popularity like a wildfire and this is just a result of that.

Oh well, I linked to that msnbc section anyway. I don't see it as commercializing weblogs, but as an attempt to see where it's viewers are coming from. It's the thought that counts! :-)


You know what I mean with the wildfire analogy, so don't go saying I think wildfire's are popular. :)

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Now look at me

You can now be notified of new entries by entering your email into that little box and clicking on the add button.

Now you will always know when I blog!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Woo hoo! Not banned in China!

I'm not banned in china! What should we start the pool: 'how fast I get banned' at?

Via The Screen Savers

Here's some sites that are banned by the Red Government: - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China - Reported as inaccessible in China

Haha, yahoo groups is on there! That's hilarious. Fuck yahoo. CNN? Well, I have no qualms with...except that bow-tie wearing fuck named Tucker something. On those crossfire shows. Jackass.

Playboy? I thought they loved big boobies over there? lol

This is Why I HATE Bush

Four times in the past two days, Bush has suggested that Democrats do not care about national security, saying on Monday that the Democratic-controlled Senate is "not interested in the security of the American people." His remarks, intensifying a theme he introduced last month, were quickly seconded and disseminated by House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).

The W POST article

How dare Bush say that democrats are not interested in the security of the American people! How dare he politicize a war. This is an insult to every veteran of every war.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Stealing Harvard

One Matinee ticket, $5.50
Small Popkorn and Cherry Coke, $7.50
Seeing Dennis Farina in drag, priceless

I remember wanting to see this movie since I first saw the trailer, and it didn't disappoint. Sure, it's no "English Patient", but it's got an interesting plot, funny characters, and I was entertained. I mean how could you not enjoy seeing Dennis Farina in a compromising position? He's the man. One of the best actors, ever. There's also Tom Green, Jason Lee (the one that showed up is the "Kissing a Fool" Lee, not Dogma Lee), John C. McGinley, Chris Penn, and not to mention that this is directed by the great funnyman, Bruce McCulloch! His sense of humor and mine are joined at the hip!

Read this review and others @

Friday, September 20, 2002

What is unusual about this paragraph?

This is a most unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is wrong with it? It's so usual, you would think nothing is wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It's unusual though. Study it. What is so unusual about it? Do you know?

(NOT talking about spelling and grammar errors, just so you know.)

If you think you have the answer, then click below.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Danger Mouse

He's The Best
He's The Greatest
He's The Greatest Secret Agent In The World!
He's The Ace - He's Amazing...
He's the Strongest... He's The Quickest.... He's The Best!

Does anyone remember this old Nickelodeon show? I loved that show. That show and He-Man were fuckin A, man.

And if you don't know WTF I am talking about, go here.

And check out 80's Children Dot Com. That site also mentions my third fav cartoon: Thundercats! And my 4th fav: the Smurfs!


I gotta make a skin featuring Danger Mouse! Or a movie! I may do something like that for one of my video projects, since I won't have to worry about copyright infringment as it's for school.


My parents did this funny thing that involved Danger Mouse. The said name was to be said if I or my younger brother started gaging or choking. If we said "Danger Mouse" than we obviously weren't choking! It's funny, most households would probably use Mickey Mouse for that, but not mine, we like the Danger variety. :)

Sunday, September 15, 2002

El Espinazo del Diablo

English title: "The Devil's Backbone"
Literal translation: "The Spine of the Devil"

Hey, I still remember something from 11th grade.

Yep, I Watched a great Spanish film today. Yes, that means subtitles, but they're yellow, and the movie is widescreen, so they don't cover up anything! Don'tcha just hate it when the subtitles are white and they sit on the picture? Then of course you can't read them when the shot is bright! D'oh!

Anyway, this film is awesome. It's a murder mystery with a twist at the end, well not too surprising, but still a twist. Not saying it's bad because it wasn't very surprising tho. Too many filmmakers these days think that the audience wants to be completely stunned at the end, M. Night Shamalanadingdong for example, but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say anymore about plot. :-)

This film kinda reminds me of Hector Babenco's Pixote, but that's only because they both are set in an orfanage. If you don't recognize that movie, then you may recognize the director of Devil's Backbone, Guillermo del Toro, who also directed Blade II. Which I thought was better than the Blade I. Hmm...I wonder if he's related to Benicio del Toro? Probably not, but you never know.

The photography is gorgeous. We can thank Guillermo Navarro for that. What's with all the Guillermo's? The acting is top notch as well. Well, check this film out. Go to your nearest Blockbuster, that's where I found this. :-)

Read this review and others @

Friday, September 13, 2002

Helpful Hint

If you don't have pale white skin and/or pink hair, then don't try applying for a job at Hot Topic.

Okay, no I did not apply there. That place gives me the willies. Oh my god, he used the word 'willies'. It just seems like nobody is hiring, and to think didn't most teens quit their summer jobs to go back to prison...err high school? You wouldn't think so if you lived in Columbia. Sheesh. I don't want to work at a restuarant, sure, the tips can be nice, but restuarants don't even pay minimum wage...why is it called minimum wage then?

Yeah if you realized that the title of this entry isn't really about this entry, it's because of the Simpsons. You know, how every episode starts out completly different than the story at the end? Sometimes the real message of the show doesn't begin until 20 minutes after it started!

So what's the real message of this entry?

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Rebuild WTC!

Rebuild them bigger and better! Much bigger! I say make a circlular building that is 3 times the height as the two towers were and then there is no need for buildings 3-7. There would be walkways every 20 floors or so that would go from one side to the other, and when looked at from space (or a plane) they would resemble the letter 'A' for America.

Can you picture that? Just think of a circle with an A in it and the three points of the A are touching the circle. I think it'd be cool. What about you?

Email this entry to all the archeitechs you know. :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Where was I on 9/11?

Well it's hear...and my life is normal, however, I still cannot escape people talking about it tho, so in that sense, it is not normal. But I am not crying today, I have moved on. I am proud to be able to say that.

I thought I would share my "where were you?" story...

So, where was I on that horrible morning? Were else? School. I was in my video 1 class. It ran from 9-noon, and I got to the college at about 8:40, and was just thinking about what the Wizards' season would be like if Michael Jordan played for them, which is what he was supposed to announce in a press conference that day. Oh how I wish that happened.

Video Class started like every other class. I think that was only the second class, maybe third, so we hadn't really started anything yet. In fact, that day was the day we were to take the GL1's around campus and do an "in-camera edit". Which is just filming in order, so you don't have to edit later.

At about 9:30 or so, my teacher, Jose Tenorio, went to his office to get something for the class. I forget what tho. He was gone longer than we probably thought. and 9:45 or so he got back and said a plane crashed in to the World Trade Center. I instantly thought it was just a cesna or crop duster. Why would I think it was a commerical jumbojet?! So the class continued, he talked to us about how to operate the cameras without breaking them, lol. Hey, the GL1's cost 2300 dollars and the college bought 8 of them.

At about 10:20 we were getting ready to begin our in-camera edits and he went to his office again. When he got back, he said "the towers are gone". I was in total disbelief. Gone?! Those things are huge, weighing 100,000 tons each, at least. They're a marvel to human ingeniunity, like the Pyramids. Yes, I really think that. Did you know that they were designed to sway 3 feet back and forth in the wind?

This girl next to me was in tears. Her fiance was in one of the towers that day, but don't worry, he got out and he's A-Ok. People tried to comfort her tho and she was escused from the assignment, but she did it anyway.

I grabed the camera and started walking around campus, but as soon as I got outside the classroom, the TV's that are hanging from the ceiling every 20 feet or so, were all on CNN. They were showing replays of the planes hitting and smoke billowing from the towers. I wanted to scream, but I am to stoic in public. I wish I did scream, but I did the assignment, then went to the lobby and watched CNN a bit, then went back to the classroom to turn in the cameras and leave.

As I was walking to my car, I was growing increasingly angry. I saw a lady running franctically to her car, I hope she didn't lose someone dear to her. That made me more mad. I got home and my younger brother, who was being homeschooled at the time, had the TV on and said, "Have you heard?" I replied wth, "yes". As soon as I got in front of the TV I just started crying uncontrolably. I then started pacing up and down the house screaming obscenities. For example, "lets nuke the fucking bastards who did this!". No, I do not think that now, but I did then, and I am NOT ashamed. My brother's friends and our cousin came over a few minutes later, becaue our mom had picked them all up, because the schools closed early, and we are the closest to the school of all his friends houses.

I was glued to the tv for at least a week, I recall. What happened was terrible and horrible, but I am over it. You have to be, I think. I don't want to live my life by being angry or sad and depressed all the time. The only other times where I cried like I did that day, were the Oklahoma City bombing (I was 14) and the Columbine School shooting (I was 18).

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Orange Alert!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

Man, it was impossible to excape "news" stories today about the horrific events a year ago. In my college lounge area, there was a tv with a video playing about what happened a year ago...they showed, close up, about 5 people jumping to their deaths! What the fuck happened to any desency? You don't point your camera at something like that, but at the people around you-- You show what happened through their expressions of shock and grief, not by actually showing the damn thing of some person falling to their death! Christ, to be more gruesome, they interviewed Rudy "I'm still the mayor of NYC" Guiliani saying that he heard a "pop" sound! That's sick! Do we really want to know that?!

But lemme change gears a bit. Why would someone just give up like that and jump out a window??? If that was me, and I surly hope I am never in that situation, but if it was me, I would never give up. Does that mean I am afraid to die? Well think what you want, but I'd prefer it means I love life. I would go down fighting, not some puddle on the sidewalk.

But James, those people were above the crash site, and the temperatures on the 3 flaming floors reached 2000 degrees fahernheit.

I don't care. I still wouldn't give up like that. I'm not a fucking pussy. Not saying those people were, who knows what conditions were like up there, but I would try to make my way down the building, even if that means burning to death. At least I went out trying, and not crying...I would probably be screaming...anyway, I still think it was possible for the people on the above floors to make it down. I don't care if you hate me for this, this is how I feel.

And to counter the arguement that one could say that the people jumped because they would rather die quickly than burn slowly in a fire...that's horse shit. What makes people think falling 120 stories is fast? The pain doesn't start when you hit the ground, but the whole way down. You body starts going into shock, and the speed at which you're falling has gotta hurt as the wind brushes against your body. Sure, maybe it is a little faster than burning to death, but not that much.

Well I applaud you for reading this far, and I still can't believe that the media has stooped this low by showing people falling to their deaths.

Oh that brings up another thing. The Bush Administration has not won the war on terrorism and never will. And a democratic president wouldn't either. All our politicians care about is the next election-- that's why we haven't gone to war against Iraq...not like we should tho (Just send the Navy Seals to take out Saddam), but Bush is just stalling til a month before the election so he'll be re-elected.

This has been a test of the international bozzy rant system, had this been a real emergency, you all would have been required to strip naked.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Should I be scared or flattered?

That I invaded Zoe's dreams recently...I mean, she did try to kiss me, and I "jumped away" and said "I dont like you like that"'s an outrage! Outrage I tell ya! I would never say such a thing. :)

Now on the topic of dreams...I had a freaky on myself lastnite-- and no zoe, you were not in it, sorry. Oh I wish you were, because guess who invaded my dreams? Elijah Wood. Yes, the former child actor. Where did that come from?! I haven't seen any of his movies in like forever!

Dreams suck sometimes...especially when all you remember is that Elijah Wood was in it...well I also remember that I was forced to act in a movie, and I never read the script, and nobody knew that I had no clue what to do...but all the details are all foggy now...

Monday, September 2, 2002


Well kevin posted a shockwave movie, so why can't I?

Tampax Taco

Ever wanted to to cuss in a different language? More specifically, ever wanted to hear vaginal euphemisms from other countries?

Look no further! TwAtlas is here!

Sunday, September 1, 2002

Top 10 Reasons IM rules your life

Feel free to pass this around, but give me credit for it, because I did write it. :)

10.You respond with "LOL!" when you're not online.
9. You always change the capitalization of your name everytime you sign it.
8. You knew "w00t!" before you knew "whoot".
7. You spend more time thinking of an away message than for your answering machine greeting.
6. You have more than 8 AIM names.
5. You use Trillian and hate it, but have no choice but to use it.
4. You have every IM program installed, even the Mac ones, and you use a PC.
3. You use IM more than email...
2. even tho you use email more than phones...
1. and even tho you use phones more than you to talk face-to-face.

So, does IM rule you?


I am liking 24-hour time so much that now all y'all have to live with it! I changed the date format on all the entries!

Oh, and the "-05:00" means the Eastern time zone, so don't yell at me asking what it means. ;)

Down with 12-hour time!

Best. Commerical. Ever.

I got this link from Roger. Check it out. This commercial is just sooo rad.